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Hello. I'm Barbee,

the photographer for all of your architectural, design and real estate and property rental needs!  

Originally majoring in mathematics in college (I hear those groans!), I transitioned to photography midway through and haven't looked back. I have 13 year of experience in photography and 5 in real estate and design and see no signs of slowing!

My deep love of math has led me to fall in love with architectural photography and the storytelling of space.  Instead of solving problems on paper, I now solve them with light, a lens, and skillful intuition.  The precision, the intelligent design, and the pure inspirational beauty found in imagining a space fuels my excitement for photography.  Oh, and Mother Earth is like my hero, and conservations and sustainability are huge pros for me and I hope for you as well. 

Creative. Technical. Inspiring. 

In my free time I like to hike and backpack the Green Mountains, ride my bike, practice yoga, ski, and spend quality time with Ranger, my dog. 

So let's get together, I'd love to hear more about the story you want to tell!

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