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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make sure that we go into each project with transparency and communication.  Here are so of the most asked questions we get to help you understand the process of working with Spacial Harmony Photography.


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  • "I'm a real estate agent, do you offer headshots?"
    Yes, yes and yes! We love offering headshots so you can "up" your professional game ever more! We have a special offer add-on for headshots for team members. Know other agents who need headshots too? We offer discounts for 5 or more people per session.
  • "Who can use the images from our session?"
    You & me only, please! As outlined in the contract we sign before our session, my clients may not grant third parties permission to use the images. Who is a "third party?" Anyone other than you and me, ranging from collaborators on your project to influencers on social media. I register my images with the U.S. Copyright office to protect my work as well as yours. If a third party asks to use the images (for example on Instagram in the comments section of an image you've posted), I ask that my clients please hold off on responding to them and contact me so I can get them squared away directly. This goes for any other inquiries to use photos from our session together. Here is a great video by Matthew Anderson all about photography image copyright.
  • "Do you offer aerial drone services?"
    Yes, we sure do! We received our FAA commercial drone pilot license in May 2021 and have been providing aerial service excitedly ever since. AND WE LOVE IT! We offer aerial drone services and can provide both still imagery and video footage and can truly enhance the scope and perspective of your project.
  • "Do you offer video services?"
    Yes, we do. We offer video walkthroughs of your rentals, homes for sale, as well as promotional videos for your business. We can (and would love to) add drone footage to any video project. We will chat about the project in full and discuss specific shots and angles you may want, as well as any details you would like to highlight in the final cut. Final films typically have a runtime of 1-3 minutes* depending on the scope of the project. Turnaround time is typically 3-4 weeks for video projects. *We recommend videos on the shorter side to keep up with on-going trends
  • "How can other professionals collaborating in the project (architects, stylists, interior designers) also gain access to the images?"
    If you know prior to the photoshoot that a third party (anyone other than you and me) may want to use the images, please let me know. I am more than happy to accommodate a split fee cost-sharing arrangement. This can be done for any number of parties involved: for example the designer, the stylist, and the architect might all want to license images from the photoshoot. This will end up being more affordable for both you and the third party (or parties) but must be done ahead of the session. If a third party wants to use the images after the session date, please send them my way so I can assist them. A third party usage agreement will have to be drawn up and either you or the third party will cover the cost of these additional third party licenses. We will always include you, the original client, in the scope of the third party license and allowances.
  • "How soon will I receive the images from our session?"
    A sessions turnaround time is dependent on what kind of service we have together, so I will break it down below: Architectects, Landscape Architectects, & Interior Designers: 3-4 weeks Airbnb, VRBO, and other vacation rentals: 2-4 weeks Realtors & FSBO: 24-48 hours Expedited turnaround time is always an option. Let us know if you need the images sooner and we can send you a quote for the expedited time frame
  • "How can we maximize our time during the session so I am squeezing all the juice out of my investment?"
    No matter what kind of shoot we have together, it's so important to have the space ready upon my arrival. You will not want to waste time tidying up the space, and believe me, it can eat up a ton of time. I have cheat sheets ready for each room to help you clear and de-clutter the rooms we are going to photograph. If you need my thoughts on how to style a few places you’re feeling uncertain about, not to worry. I’m glad to help and offer up my expertise based on past experience. I do ask that you have most of the location styled and ready to go when I arrive so we can hit the ground running and make sure you get the most out of our time together.
  • "How can I be know my investment with you will be worthwhile?"
    I know we have successfully worked together when 1) you are pleased with the service I provide and 2) you are so excited about the delivered images! I promise to ensure both outcomes by prioritizing how I communicate with you (thoroughly from start to finish to make sure I fully understand the scope and intention of the session), collaborating with you during our session, and incorporating your input about styling and compositions during the session. I will always check in with you during the shoot to make sure we are on the same page with the frame for each scene we photograph together.
  • "What does no third party usage mean?"
    Our licensing agreement is between no one other than the parties involved (you and me only). If someone, a third party, approaches you and asks to use the image(s), you must refer them to me so I can license the image based on their usage needs. You own a license, not the image. This arrangement benefits you, too. For example, if you’re an interior designer who hired me to photograph your hard work and then you give an image to, say, the cabinet maker, they essentially get that image for free that you paid good money for. That being said, we offer price-sharing for such situations. If you and other contractors want to go into the price together, we create a price-sharing arrangement that lowers the price for you and the other contractors involved. It really is a win-win-win! I am happy to provide you a price for exclusive use of images as well, but because this type of license prohibits me from generating any additional income, it will significantly increase the cost of the project. Limited exclusivity is also an option we can talk about. We could start with limited exclusivity for — say, six months. This gives you premiere use of the photos, but it doesn’t restrict my ability to earn potential income forever.
  • "Why don't I own the copyright? You mean I pay you and I don't own it?"
    You wouldn’t buy a book and then claim to be the author, right? Or purchase a song off iTunes and say you wrote it, right? The same goes for photography. Photographs are the intellectual property of the creator. I own the rights to my photographs, but I can write a license that will let you do whatever you need to do. My price will reflect the value of that license. If you are interested in a full copyright buy out, we can talk about this but it will be expensive.
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