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Snyder Homes: Our Latest Project(s) Unveiled from the Skies!

Hey there, folks! We're super stoked to share our latest gigs with you. We teamed up with the awesome folks at Snyder Homes for an epic project, and let us tell you, things got seriously cool when we busted out our trusty drone. Get ready to take flight with us as we spill the beans on how drone photography and videography took our collaboration with Snyder Homes to new heights!

Taking Off into the Construction Zone

Imagine this: a buzzing construction site with hammers pounding, saws whirring, and a whole lot of hustle and bustle. Our mission? To capture this lively scene from a bird's-eye view. Thanks to our nimble drones, we soared above the action and snagged some incredible aerial shots of the construction site. It's like we had front-row seats to the construction extravaganza!

Mind-Blowing Progress Updates

We all know how excited clients get when they see progress on their dream homes. With our drones by our side, we made sure to give Snyder Homes' clients some jaw-dropping progress updates. Instead of showing them static ground-level photos, we treated them to incredible aerial videos that showcased the project's evolution. It was like they were cruising above the construction site, witnessing the magic unfold. It was a real treat to see how much work has been done in the last year since we first flew the drone at both construction sites.

Showcasing the Neighborhood Gem

Snyder Homes' latest project is nestled in a fantastic neighborhood, right across from Kwiniaska and boy, did we want to do justice to its charm. Our drones gracefully swept across the area, capturing the picturesque surroundings. From lush green parks to cozy streets, to that incredible sunrise view of Lake Champlain, we made sure to highlight the unique features that make this neighborhood an absolute gem. Who wouldn't want to call this place home?

Amping Up the Marketing Game

Gone are the days of boring marketing materials. We knew we had to up the ante and give Snyder Homes' project the attention it deserved. So, we unleashed our creativity and incorporated drone footage into their marketing arsenal. Social media was ablaze with captivating videos that showcased every nook and cranny of the project. The response was mind-boggling! People were drawn to the aerial perspectives and couldn't wait to learn more.

Setting New Heights for Future Collaborations

Our partnership with Snyder Homes and the use of drones has left us buzzing with excitement. The possibilities are truly endless! We're already dreaming up ways to incorporate this awesome technology into future collaborations. From dazzling before-and-after videos to using thermal imaging to improve energy efficiency, we're determined to push the boundaries and take our work to new heights.

Teaming up with Snyder Homes and embracing the world of drone photography and videography was an absolute game-changer. From capturing the construction site in all its glory to wowing clients with mind-blowing progress updates, drones added a touch of magic to our collaboration. We made sure to showcase the neighborhood's beauty and utilized the footage to amp up Snyder Homes' marketing game. This experience has fueled our passion for pushing boundaries and setting new heights for future projects. So, stay tuned, folks, because we're just getting started, and the skies are the limit!


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